What I do

I am an independent consultant focusing on companies in the food industry, and especially those that are developing their business further into new markets. I am experienced as a project manager for large sales projects around the world, and have a broad experience in startups, management and business culture. An effective leader with an MBA degree; resourceful and ambitious with vast experience in working independently as well as working with and managing people makes me an ideal consultant to food processing companies everywhere.

My focus:

The objective is to improve, set higher standards and create an innovative environment within the food industry. Implementation of the most modern process methods available today is to be considered. This is to be achieved by careful consideration of solid “best proven practice” and “latest product developments” – in addition to concept developments within the industry. The logistic targets will aim at reducing manual labour and adapting the product flow to the ever changing product demands of the market today.

Points of observation:

  • Flexibility in production and product portfolio
  • Reduce bottle necks in the production
  • Reduced wage costs per kg finished product
  • High capacity line(s) and maximized yield
  • Health, Environment and Safety in accordance with modern food processing facilities
  • Hygienic design and focus on minimized bacteria growth
  • Gentle handling of the products