Almarai Company, Saudi Arabia SELECTS SG CONSULTING

SG Consulting is proud to have been selected as a consultant by the Almarai Company, Saudi Arabia. Almarai is looking into opportunities to enter aquaculture in line with Almarai other business activities in which the company is not involved in today.

Consultancy Services required:

Scope of work

The scope of work is divided into the following main categories:

  1. Evaluate and make necessary on-site tests to decide on the following key criteria:
    a. Slaughtering of Tilapia, timing and location.
    b. Filleting process to achieve highest possible yield.
    c. Descaling for sea bass and sea bream

  2. Working closely with Almarai project team to support preparation of the process RFP’s including defined scope definition including key performance requirements for issuing to Processing vendor(s) to ensure selection of the best available fish processing technologies not exceeding excessive cost which are aligned with Almarai quality standards & specifications.

  3. Evaluate and recommend technical solution(s) from potential vendors.

  4. Consult on final technical design(s) of the fish processing facilities.

  5. Support detail design of production facilities to apply best practices and/or fit for purpose in general design for processing hall, staff facilities, hygienic and HSS.

  6. Advice and recommend training requirements and performance for staff for filleting and trimming process.

  7. Define KPIs for yield and for product quality.

  8. Evaluate feasibility of applying trimming robot for Tilapia fillets.

  9. Provide oversight and insight into best practice continuous improvement methodologies for team staffing, training and competency enhancement(s) including cross functional collaboration.





Icewater Seafoods, Arnold’s Cove, Newfoundland, Canada, the largest producer of once-frozen Atlantic cod in North America has completed their first phase of expected three in updating their 39-year-old factory. This is including the latest state-of-the-art heading, filleting and skinning equipment from BAADER Germany as well as its receiving area and distribution of fillets to their existing Marel Flowline System.

SG Consulting is proud to have been selected by Icewater Seafoods to participate in the project as a consultant for the concept layout design, participating in the equipment selection, handling the project management for the implementation and the start-up of the equipment.